It’s December 1 and the first day of Summer in my part of the world, though you wouldn’t think it to look outside. The skies are grey and rain has been falling off and on. And to make it worse it’s COLD!!!! Anyway not only is it Summer but Christmas is just around the corner too. In trying to avoid the crowds in the shopping centres I’ve been doing lots of online shopping for gifts. Hopefully all these purchases will arrive in time.

There’s been a little voice inside my head for the past few weeks reminding me I have neglected my blog, but I really did get a shock when I came in here and looked to see how long it’s actually been. Three months. Surely not? The blog gremlins must have snuck in and removed some of my posts.

Anyway, while I’ve been absent from here I’ve had a couple of interesting and fun experiences. For the past six years the local tennis club has held an antiques and collectables fair so this year I decided to apply to hold a stall. This was my first time selling books in this way. Up to now all my selling has been online. A friend shared my stand with me and held my hand in a manner of speaking. My friend, who was selling bric a brac as well as books has much more selling experience than myself and was able to encourage me with my attempts. Sales weren’t great, but I made a couple of  possibly useful contacts. The second of my book outings was to the local primary school twilight fair, where I had a stand selling the children’s Barefoot Books that I now stock. An entirely different atmosphere that’s for sure, but I feel I learnt a thing or two for next time

I’ll be back soon to chat about the books I’ve been reading but I want to put this up now. See you in the soup.

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