Well it was when I thought about starting this.¬† Anyway last week was slightly chaotic around here. To look at the house you’d think we were moving, and all because I bought a bookcase. Quite a large bookcase. Three metres wide and two metres high in fact. In order to make room for the bookcase #2 son’s room had to be cleared out. Officially he left home several months ago but hadn’t taken all of his things with him. Consequently, boxes of bits and pieces were placed in the hallway, family room and even the main bathroom. Anyway, quite a lot has been taken to son’s house so we’re gradually clearing things out.

While I was sorting through some books I came across my old swapcard albumn from my childhood.

Swapcards were quite the thing when I was at school. Does anyone out there remember collecting them? We girls would have a great pile with an elastic band around them and would try to swap other’s favourites for ones we weren’t all that keen on. Lots of wheeling and dealing went on there. I’m sure I had a lot more but these were extra special ones that I bought. If I remember correctly, horse cards were pretty popular. I love my golden cocker spaniel ones because they remind me of my dog, Sunny. He’s been gone a long time now but he was the loveliest, most gentle dog ever. I remember my boys collecting football cards, cricket cards and to a lesser extent basketball¬† cards. What are the things that kids collect in this computer age? I’m not really up with it all.

Anyway I’ve waffled on enough for now but hope to blog again soon. Bye for now.